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The Elite model combines flexibility and modularity with 4.0 technological innovation. It is built around the ZCS Connect module that, together with the GPS, Bluetooth and GSM technology, enables the connection of the robot anytime and anywhere, in total safety. 

It is possible to stop, start, exclude areas to be cut and monitor the robot with a simple touch of a button. Thanks to the Geofence Alarm, the system makes it possible to warn the user when the robot leaves the garden area. It is also fitted with a state-of-the-art antitheft system. 

Ambrogio only has to brush against the station, now smaller and less bulky, to recharge itself anywhere. Induction recharging avoids the usual cleaning of the contacts.

The blade height is easy to adjust, in fact, it is now motorised, thus facilitating the use of your robot. The ZCS technology is more userfriendly and interactive: enabling the easier management of your lawn in a completely autonomous manner. 

Ambrogio - NextLine 4.0 Elite (3200sqM)

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